We are a comedy show!

Please do not listen unless you are 18 years or older.  Listener discretion is advised.  There is offensive content and imaginary nudity. This show is full of hilarious parody, hyperbole, and satirical comedy.   Enjoy the banter between the crew and the on-air personalities, callers, guests, and others while you take a journey of the mind through a cesspool of fun conversation...

Meet the Crew

We have many sit-in and on-air personalities from Homeless Chuck to Glick to Frick, MJ to DJ, Al, Danny B, Camden, Pat Shit Crazy, Robo and Vurbal Kon, Lorri B, Trucker Cathy, Glazed Rooster, and so many more-

Here are some Pics of the original crew-



Kevin Holly

Visit our Gallery Page to see Chuck, and the rest of the amazing people who have graced us with their presence over the last two years!

Pops Jim Nall

Head Grip

This man is a hero.  He is an 83 year old Korean War veteran who has more balls than a bocce court.


Unproductive Reproductive Agent

This is sexy Jaybird.  He likes his women loose and his Vodka straight.

Kevin Holly

Show Host

Kevin Holly will hopefully keep these crazy guys in check while we entertain you together, providing segments like "Strange News", "Social Media Saved", "Sports" and games like "Pyramid", "Who's Dumber", "What's in the Box?" and more!